Friday, 31 January 2014

Busty Girl Story With Breast Photos

I am actually a  hot girl with unusually big boobs and big ass.I went to take a breast exam. fortunately, The doctor was a male and when he saw me, he asked my mother to wait outside and told me to take off my clothes including the bras and underwear. My breasts were very large (38 D size), it was drooping a lot. I was completely out of my dressing and he told me to lay on the table. Then he told me to close my eyes and it felt like he put duct tape on my eyes and mouth. I couldn't talk or scream or see anything.
Then I felt his body on me and he started playing with my boob and squishing and i was squirming to get free. He squished my huge breast so hard that i almost fainted. Then i felt his tongue and mouth licking my breast so hard and my boob was soaking wet. After what felt like a long time, he flipped me over and squeezed my butt and licked it. Then he licked my body from my hair to my feet and i was so disgusted and soaking wet. Then he opened my butt crack and sticked his fingers in. After that he put my bra and my clothes on and remove the duct tape from my mouth and eyes.

Watch Celebrity Breast Photos when grabbed in public.






Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lucy Pinder Boobs collection

The best collection of Lucy Pinder Boobs show is here.These are the best photos of Busty Girls like Lucy pinder Amanada and Eva Wyrwal.all of these three girls are naturally endowed and have huge melons.Pinder is one of the hottest busty girls around the world and appeared in nuts magazine with her topless photos.Her exact bra size is not known but fans guess that she might be 42 D sized.Check this collection of Lucy Pinder Boobs.








Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Best Boobs of the world

Some breast photos might be fakes in this collection. Since the beginning of mankind,men have been attracted to one thing.Or two things,I should say.You know exactly what I am referring to boobs, breasts, titties–whatever you like to call them,are all around the world and are always around to provide some visual stimulation.The team at Elite Daily has relentlessly scoured the world to find the best titties in the world.Enjoy these best boobs.
The hottest celebrity Andriana Lima is on top of this Breasts ranking.Andriana Lima Boobs are rated as the best boobs of the world.
Anne Hathaway has a great pair of boobs and she is rated as No.2 in boobs ranking.The fans love watching Anne Hathaway Bikini photos.

Brooklyn Decker is the third master piece of nature with best boobs pair.She has a nice pair of Big Breasts and rated as 3rd in Busty girls ranking.

Christine Marie-Lemaster is another one to be included here.She has a nice pair of boobs which make her unique.
Christine Marie-Lemaster
Nicole Neal has a slightly smaller but perfect breasts.She is worth of rating and stands at no five in this rating.
Dina Pandzic must be proud of her busty assets.She is liked by many breast fans and included her for the ratings.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Celebrity Breast Photos When grabbed in public (Fakes May be)

The Celebrity Breasts are keenly watched every where.Most of the people love knowing about the Breast Size of celebrities.Here is a collection of Celebrity Breast Photos including some fun.Some of these Celebrities are the most famous actresses and singers of Hollywood Industry.The celebrity Boobs were pressed in-front of public and actresses enjoyed that.That's how these hot bodies were touched by their fans and friends.Check Celebrity Boobs below.
A few months ago,the hottest celebrity Rihanna was found in the scandal.It was Rihanna's Boob pressed by her body guard while she was passing in-front of a large crowd.Rihanna didn't even bothered to remove his hands.She might be enjoying his hands rubbing her boobs.
It was Justin Bieber's Boob touch when his fans found him touching the boobs of a girl.Justin can't control his lust while kissing that girl.
Eva Mendes was more than happy when her breasts were pressed in a live TV show.The host asked to touch Eva Mendes Boobs and she never refused that.He held her right boob and rubbed it for quite a long time.
Mila Kunis is a brave actress who liked Justin Timberlake holding her boobs in-front of cameras.Justin enjoyed giving many photos of Mila Kunis Boobs grab.
Katty Perry became a victim of Boobs press by a monkey when she tried holding a monkey in her lap.The animal was quite funny and naughty to tease Katty Perry.
A beautiful Hollywood Actress was found on beach while exposing her bare breast to her boy friend.He couldn't control and found holding her breasts.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Beautiful Girls With Big Breasts

Every man wants to be with a girl having Big Breasts.Women feel proud having Big Breasts naturally and they are always extra careful to maintain their figure.The life of Busty Girls is always wonderful as a lot of eyes feel it special.A Washington Woman With Large Breasts says she was banned from entering her high school prom because her breasts were too big.It is funny but the real life is otherwise.Here are a few Girls With Big Breasts.

She seems a Beautiful Girl With Big Natural Breasts.A small bikini on her white body in black color looks so hot.


The girl with slim body but Huge Boobs with piercing is beautiful.She is hiding her face but ready to show of her large assets.

This babe is posing for a self shot of her perfect body and Perfect Breasts.Her hand fingering her freshly shaved areas looks hot.


She is also ready to expose her figure but not ready to show her face.We are not interested in her face but all she has below neck.


Lying care free without any clothes over her sexiest body,this girl is extremely sexy with a nice pair of melons to show off.


This is so nice to see those Big Tits in padded pink bra.She is ready to please her boy friend and waiting for him.


We are waiting for your comments about Beautiful Girls With Big Breasts.where is her hand and whats she doing? Is she feeling something right there? off-course, she needs some tool inside.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Rachel Bilson Hottest Pictures

Rachel Bilson Hottest Pictures

Rachel Bilson is an American actress. She grew up in California and she made her debut in 2003. She was born on August 25th 1981.

Amanda Seyfried Hottest Nude Pictures

Amanda Seyfried Hottest Nude Pictures

Amanda Seyfried is an American actress, singer and model. She began her career as model when she was 11 and at 15 she became an actress.